Hello, from Hanabi

Article by Emma Rekate, Writer, Photographer

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Welcome back to school and welcome to Hanabi!

This school year, ASIJ’s High School has 70 new students from all over the world—from the United States, Singapore, London, Australia, and many other places. Welcome to the ASIJ HS family!

Those we are not new to the HS may have noticed some changes: new rules of the library, a new principal, and a new mission and core values. In addition to all of this, the official launch of the Hanabi, this online student publication has finally arrived.

Photo by Josh Berg

The Hanabi staff strives to make the website a place where students can visit and read about what is going on in the school or outside school from an ASIJ student’s point of view. It is a website designed for students by their friends, classmates, and peers.

Hanabi is about representing the student body. On our website, you will be able to find a range of information and entertainment, such as opinion pieces, interviews, club information, links to different media at ASIJ, reviews of TV shows and restaurants, and more.

About our name: Besides being the name for “fireworks” in Japanese, Hanabi’s name was used on a past HS publication, and we thought it would be nice to carry on the tradition of student voices.

Whether you are looking for a new television show to watch, want to get other peoples’ perspective on different issues, or want the latest news about ASIJ, then the Hanabi is your place.

Hanabi is always looking for aspiring writers. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining us, email Ms. Pfeiffer or Mr. Berg, or talk with one of the staff members from the About page on the site.

Thanks for reading and bookmarking the site—come back and often!