What’s the Dealio? – Episode 19: Still Processing

Article by Solomon Kim

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Episode Notes:

We asked you to tell us how you’re processing the campus closure. Here’s what you said.

Let’s all remember that we’re still processing—and that might take a while. We hope this episode helps our community express the wide range of emotions we’re feeling and make the most of this Distance Learning situation.

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Submitters (in order): Stephanie (12), Tyler (12), Cora (12), Anna (12), Noah (11), Sakura (12), Matthew (10), Misaki (12), Jacob (12), Carina (12), Lauren (12).

Audio Editing: Solomon (12), Miray (10)


  • Blue Dot Sessions – Neon Drip
  • FwimmyGoat – Breath of Life
  • Daniel Birch – Amber Haze
  • Blue Dot Sessions – Slow Rollout
  • Broke for Free – Murmur