ASIJ TV: TEDx “Ripples”


Article by Aryaman Singh, Writer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Each year students at the American School in Japan organize a TEDx conference, where students are provided with a platform to share their “ideas worth spreading.” This year, the fifth annual TEDxYouth@ASIJ event was held on Mar 17, 2022 in ASIJ’s auditorium. The conference focused on the idea of “Ripples,” or the ability to bring about meaningful change from seemingly small actions, much like a pebble dropped into a pond.

The idea certainly resonated with a large part of the ASIJ community as the conference featured eight speakers from Grades 9-12l. Speech topics ranged from the value of forgiveness to the benefits of impulsive decision making, from the importance of therapy to the power of laughter. The speakers and organizers worked tirelessly to stage a successful conference. Enjoy!