Avoiding Spoilers at School


Photo by Marina Ten Have

The high school library––one of the "danger zones" for spoilers at ASIJ.

Spoilers are a pet-peeve of mine. And for students at ASIJ, even walking the halls puts us at risk of having something ruined that we’ve been anticipating. The risk obviously depends on what it is we’re looking forward to, but it’s always terrifying going to school when a big movie, show, or sporting event has opened that we have yet to see. I mean, I can’t believe the number of times I heard the ending of Avengers: Infinity War at school the week it came out!

This phenomenon puts pressure on people to see big releases or events right away for fear of having them ruined; however, some people aren’t always so lucky. If you ever want to walk out of school at three o’clock not knowing anything that happened in the entertainment world, the following tips might help.


To start things off, a good pair of headphones goes a long way. Both the morning and afternoon buses are often filled with conversations that can easily be heard from any row, and you’re going to need something to block out the noise. Play music, watch Youtube, listen to a podcast, whatever, as long as it blocks out the noises of the bus.

Avoiding the BLR and Library is also going to be essential. These locations get incredibly crowded between classes and during breaks, and a mention of a game score can easily be overheard. If you need somewhere to hang out between classes, it’s best to stick to the outside areas on campus or in an empty classroom (if the teacher is okay with it, of course). Your headphones can also come into use if you can not find anywhere totally secluded.

You also want to make sure to communicate with the other kids you hang out with not to discuss the topic. It would be a shame if you spent so much time and effort avoiding spoilers from others to have one of your friends say something.


The most difficult thing is when you are in class. It’s usually not too bad because of most of the attention in the room being is directed towards the class, and people are less likely to talk about what happened in last night’s episode that you haven’t seen yet. You can always communicate that you don’t want spoilers for anything before the class begins, but that may not always work. Best bet is to take a seat away from the crowd for the day.


Hopefully, this helped spare you from the spoilers that radiate from the ASIJ community, and you have a nice time viewing whatever you were late to the party for.