Joining Hands for a Better Tomorrow: The Inter-Club Climate Coalition Series

Article by Tei Kim, Section Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Photo by Mike Nelson

You might have recently noticed that clubs have been organizing various climate-related activities for the student body. A few weeks ago, on September 24th, students gathered in the courtyard and drew on the floor using chalk. Middle and high school students alike were encouraged to draw images relating to the climate and our planet — at the end of the day, there was a wide array of flowers, plants, weather symbols, and more on the floor. Last Friday, on the 8th, SAFE (Students Advocating For the Environment) and SAGE (Students Advocating for Gender Equality) organized a joint event, where students would stop by various booths and learn about how gender issues and climate change were intertwined. So why have clubs been hosting such events these past few weeks?



Photo by Mike Nelson

These activities are part of what is called the “Inter-Club Climate Coalition Series.” As explained by Conner Takehana, leader of SAFE and the joint club coalition, “The overall goal is to promote environmentalism through looking at its intersection with different clubs and their purposes.” Once every two weeks, one or more clubs collaborate to host an event that highlights how their club values intersect with environmentalism. More than 25 clubs at ASIJ are a part of this union. Environmentalism truly is an issue that concerns all of us.



Photo by Mike Nelson

A recent example was the collaboration between SAFE and SAGE. Although the connection between environmental issues and gender equality may not be obvious, it becomes quite clear with further study. It turns out that white males, for example, are predominantly responsible for carbon emissions and pollution. Additionally, the group most affected is women. Hence, the collaboration between SAFE and SAGE shows that gender equality and climate change aren’t mutually exclusive issues. Through events such as this, the Inter-Club Climate Coalition Series serves to help raise awareness. ICCS educates students about the environmental impact of seemingly unconnected problems.


The issues of climate change and global warming are not confined to SAFE. The ICCS seeks to support environmental awareness and the various issues that other clubs address and calls for action within the student body. Hence, it is important that we, as students, make the most of this opportunity, as well as show support for our peers by actively participating in these events and taking the initiative to educate ourselves.