Humans of ASIJ – Youri Zuo ’22

Article by Lizzy Rekate, Writer

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Photo by Lizzy Rekate

“I speak Japanese and English, and I also speak Japanese at home. I don’t really mind it.” About going back to New York and being/speaking Japanese: “It’s not much of a big change since I can speak both English and Japanese, but for someone like my mom who doesn’t speak English, it’s a bit difficult because she can’t communicate what she wants to. I feel New York is home to me, and so is Japan so I don’t feel like there’s much change in lifestyle for me personally.”

“Maybe in the future, speaking both Japanese and English might benefit me more, but right now I don’t see much of its benefits other than being able to say that you are bilingual and you can speak two languages. In the future, when I’m deciding where I want to live and where I want to work, it will definitely come into play.”

“Being at an international school, there are so many people from different places, different backgrounds, so everyone is different. That is just something that’s normal here, and something that’s accepted.”