Humans of ASIJ – Xian Benning ’21

Article by Lizzy Rekate, Writer

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Photo by Lizzy Rekate

“Junior year  I would say, I have a very different approach than a lot of other people do. I think that sophomore year was definitely my hardest year, and in junior year I realized that I could prioritize things that I like. So, I put more effort into English, and my AP’s.” 

“It’s really exciting having a main role in the musical, it’s definitely exciting, but I do feel like I have less experience in acting and in dancing than others, so I‘m worried about that.”

“I do have worries about getting into college and how much it’s going to cost and what I can do to make it cost less, so I don’t have to deal with student loans. So, I’m doing some activities outside of school that sometimes I wish I wasn’t doing but I kind of have to for college. Other than that I’m just trying to keep my grades at a good level and doing what I like in high school!”