Reflecting on Women’s History Month with ASIJ Faculty

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In the United States, March was recognized as Women’s History Month, a month to commemorate the outstanding contributions of women to society and in history. In the past century, the world has slowly but surely taken steps in the right direction to achieve gender equality. Yet, many women—especially those with intersecting marginalized identities—are still not afforded equitable opportunities and face a multitude of barriers to their prosperity. The road ahead remains long and arduous, but the future of gender equality has also never looked brighter.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Hanabi editors interviewed some female faculty to learn more about how being a woman has impacted their career paths. We recognize and appreciate every female faculty member—interviewed or not—for being strong role models and paving the way for the young women of our future. Thank you for the invaluable work that you all have done and continue to do!

What does being a woman mean to you?
What do you believe we can do individually to empower women?
What advice would you give to female students at ASIJ when looking forward to their futures or careers?
What advice would you give to male students at ASIJ in regards to the empowerment of women?
Was your gender ever a roadblock or consideration in pursuing your career?
On Being a Female Leader
On Being a Woman in STEM
Women Around the World

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