Brenna James: In a Dilemma? Better Call Brenna!

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“My campaign focuses on seeking to make tight connections between various grade levels. Although this is an annual topic that all candidates focus on, I think core communication not only between students but between the school can make a significant change in the culture and traits we have as ASIJ students.”

Background: Throughout her two years in StuCo, Brenna has gained a unique perspective on the positives and negatives of the Council. Recognizing the need for improved communication and organization between the StuCo representatives and the student body, Brenna decided to run for StuCo at the end of her freshman year. As a grade-level representative, she felt a “large responsibility” to create a cohesive team that could effectuate meaningful changes in response to student feedback. 

Brenna considers StuCo a vital component of her high school experience as its members are dedicated to improving the school environment and meeting student expectations. Through her leadership in multiple class competitions, Brenna believes that she has developed a keen sense of “what types of events and activities bring excitement to our community.” Together with her experience in leading past StuCo initiatives and dedication to fostering a more connected school culture, Brenna says, “I am confident that I can lead the path in creating a more effective team of student representatives for next year.”

Platform: The concept of an invisible barrier separating StuCo from the student community at large is one that Brenna has personally experienced. “We tended to decide on issues within our team, and not really incorporate student voices,” she notes, observing that this disparity has its roots in a lack of communication between the two entities. While strides have been made in recent years toward bridging this divide, Brenna believes that there is much room for improvement. In light of this, Brenna is confident in her ability to effectively lead the StuCo team, utilizing her leadership skills to build a more cohesive and goal-oriented team for the 2023-24 school year. 

Key Issues: As a presidential candidate, core communications and a connected community are two central themes of Brenna’s campaign. In explaining her rationale for selecting these key issues, Brenna recounts a recent conversation she had with an eighth grader who expressed apprehension regarding the “scary” culture and students in high school. “When I heard this statement, I was shocked by the fact that our current community in the high school right now evokes fear in students,” Brenna tells Hanabi. She believes that high school students should serve as positive role models for younger students and encourage a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Although some degree of trepidation is inevitable for incoming students, Brenna advocates for a cohesive community that is able to bridge grade levels.  

This approach, Brenna argues, can have a positive impact not only on younger students but also on upperclassmen. To this end, she envisions frequent bonding events and activities that can help foster a shared sense of camaraderie among the student body. “While I know that I have a big responsibility to fulfill these goals if elected, I am strongly confident that I can incorporate your thoughts or concerns to the team and discuss any steps that need to be taken,” Brenna says. 

Listen to What’s the Dealio’s exclusive interview with Brenna to gain additional insight into her background, experiences, and platform.

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